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this 500-year-old skeleton found under a parking lot 90 miles northwest of london is indeed the remains of lost british king richard iii. later this morning we'll get the best guess from forensic scientists as to what king richard 30s would have looked like. the details are amazing, folks. they'll show off a full reconstruction of his head based on the bone structure of his skull. a live report from london. it's coming up in our next hour of "early start." >>> the party is still on in baltimore. the city will honor the super bowl champion ravens today with a victory parade. the team returned home to baltimore yesterday after beating the 49ers in super bowl xlvii, the second super bowl win for the ravens franchise. festivities begin at city hall this morning, ending with a free celebration at the ravens home base. >>> you can see beyonce was electrifying at the super bowl, right? you cannot say she killed the lights. we go live to new orleans next for what could have caused the blackout if it wasn't the halftime show. >>> the american city with the worst traffic gridlock. can you guess w
state from the finance ministers. we have a roundup of the g-20 meeting in moscow. >> and london fashion week is under way and international expansion seems to be the latest trend. we'll hear from top designers who are putting their foot forward on the global runway. >>> first, standard & poors says it wants more time to gauge shinzo abe's rating policies. s&p says recent policies could reflat japan's economy. but the government's books will continue to be weighed down by heavy debt. that's even if plans go ahead to raise a sales tax. there's a one in three chance of a downgrade this fiscal year. this is as the japanese prime minister shinzo abe says he will consider changing the bank's mandate. he didn't comment on current policy. all this as investors determine who will become the bank of japan's next governor. front runners for the post include former bank of japan deputy governor and the head of the asian development bank harikahiko tura. >> we did catch up with taro at a meeting this weekend in moscow. the next boj governor was covered, but the first question, whether mr. aso though
. and his speech in london was definitely a discontinuity point. i think he is what -- he impersonates the kind of leadership that we need in europe, someone that is, i would say, multicultural and that has a very clear perception of the global reality. while most of politicians in europe are purely domestic and, therefore, do not fully appreciate that we are competing in a global world. however, mario draghi sits in frankfurt and we need to implement reforms here and italians have to take charge of that, for that. and it's very interesting because you're referring to margaret thatcher in the uk and schroeder in germany. in continental europe, perhaps it is easier for center left coalitions to push forward with structural reforms because they can get the buyin of a larger segment of the population. >> do you think by doing what mario draghi has done he's actually given italy the stability no matter what happens at the election in order to pass through these reforms? he controls the market, in a sense? >> well, that is a very important form of insurance. the results are another one that
around the corner from us here in london. thank you for coming by. >> pleasure. >> do you agree with what the white house is saying and what a lot of these ceos seem to be saying which is that the country is suffering a lack of competitiveness because of the lack of immigration policy? is this the next issue on the agenda? >> i think it's one of the issues. look at how they acted after 2008. i mean, the recession technically in the u.s. was smaller than it was in the eurozone. but the measures that were taken in the u.s. at that point in time in 2008 and 2009 were a lot more stringent than they were in the eurozone. if you look at the job cuts at that point in time, if you look at insolvencies, i think it's a lot more stringent than it happened here. but the flip side of the coin is the way it worked itself out of the recession i think is more impressive than what we're seeing here. wouldn't you say that has more to do with avoiding a sovereign debt crisis by virtue of not being a haphazard monetary union? >> that's part of it. but also, i think the way the u.s. manage itself out of the c
. pistorius is 26 years old. he's a double amputee, reached the 400 meter semifinals in the london games last year. he races with carbon blades because of a birth defect. >>> first calorie counts on menus, then transfats, then the mega soft drinks. now new york mayor michael bloomberg is out to ban styrofoam food packaging. he's also set to announce a major reform in recycling. >>> how do you top winning best in show? apparently by hitting broadway. t banana joe, the affenpinscher joined to the stage last night. we will speak of the co-host of the westminster dog show with banana joe later on "starting point." he's a top dog at westminster. newly minted broadway star. do you know they train all year long on treadmills, pay more for dog vitamins than human vitamins. the amount of money is unbelievable. >> you have to go backstage at the dog show. it's primping and powders, blow dryers. >> his coat is beautiful and shiny. >> coming up, word of a major airline merger. the dog will be flying first class in that merger. what the union of american and u.s. airways will mean for you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
in london or, no, having a car is liability. i miss driving. i rent cars once in a while. tracy: i think it is time you get one. ashley: yeah, i think so. tracy: local governments and taxpayers help to foot the bill to fund new stadiums for private sports franchises around the country. with the price tag reaching hundreds of millions of dollars, is it money well-spent? rich edson live from the phillies spring training facility in clearwater, florida. hey, rich. >> the phyllis were kind enough to let us stand on the warning track for the story -- fillies. this is the first full week of major league baseball spring training. you have half a dozen teams here on the west coast of the tampa bay region. the tampa bay race are on search for a new stadium. their stayed kbrum, tropicana field, is widely regarded as worth venue in all of sports. the element is government taxpayer financing. there is major role about the role of taxpayers. >> we have definitely seen many communities have promises not kept in terms of amount of construction costs on these stadiums. really deals once things have kind
that helped jpmorgan investigate the london whale trading fiasco. such vacancies could give the s.e.c. bare number of minimum commissioners to field a quorum on certain cases which could potentially weaken the commission. s.e.c. declined to comment to the newspaper on behalf of white who is not yet a commission official. back to you. >> thanks so much, eamon. reaction now with attorney andrew consultman who says this is a major problem, while a former s.e.c. official says the benefits of having the right people far outweigh the cost of some conflicts of interest. both join us right now for a discussion. good to have you on the program. robert, i think you make a good point. you want people with the experience and sort of know-how in some of these complicated cases to be working there, but how do you offset the potential for conflict of interest? >> well, that's right. here we have a clear case where there may be conflicts, but the s.e.c. has strong rules in place that prohibit voting on conflicts where the person directly worked on a case, but i think what's getting lost in this debate is t
-- >> there's no hours work. you think -- >> i will say i worked in brussels, i worked in london, i had 60 days vacation, a one-hour lunch break every day, life was good, you know -- >> and you can fall back on the state. >> this is -- >> i went to the hospital for free as an american citizen. >> thank you, kayla. this is a caricature. >> i've got to get out -- many thanks to kayla tausche. i've got to get going. >> you make a lot of sense. >>> first off, don't you just know that almost all of the news media's going to slam republicans when the spending sequester kicks in. it's already happening now even though it was the president's own idea. next up, we're going to talk to top media critic brent bozell about all the scare talk and whether the gop can actually survive this whole onslaught as a viable political party. once again, i'm telling you. america don't fear the sequester, help is on the way. got to be tough. ♪ [ male announcer ] to hold a patent that has changed the modern world... would define you as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you
in london. so you have a live trade in it at the moment. many people are puzzled as to why this stock has only lost now 4% of its value globally. and you have to understand how big carnival is, how well run and is well respected it is within the investment community. this is a huge stock. it has a 30 billion market cap, far bigger than most other stocks within the t&l sector. and on tuesday night when they warned and they did, they had an 8k warning, they said this could cost us 8 to 10 cents earnings per share. that's only 4% of their expected profitability for the entire year. most analysts on average have a buy recommendation. it's a gravy dividend play and, of course, they're so well insured. that's the other thing. if you look back at where we are this time last year, you know, when they have the tragedy off the coast of italy with the concordia, 32 people were actually killed. that isn't happening this time around. but then it was. and they came through and they said, look, we have a $30 million deductible on the ship, a $10 million deductible on the third party insurance and a mont
in london what his favorite ad was but, of course, he said broadcast cnbc, so they don't get to see the ads. can you imagine? >> no, even though i'm from san francisco. >> oh, look at that. >> right. >> still devastated by the outcome, then, i would imagine. >> a little bit. >> my sister is in baltimore. she's pretty happy this morning i would imagine, maybe hurting a little bit, too. >>> regulators are to be given the power so split up uk banks. this is one of the new laws to be outlined by the uk chancellor in a speech coming up shortly. again, we'll carry that speech live here on cnbc, 11:30 central european time, that's about 20 minutes time for those of you in the uk. and we will follow the entire speech plus the question and answer segment. so stay with us for that. meanwhile, there are more changes at the top over at barclay's tonight. chris lucas and general counsel mark harding both announced their retirement, saying it was the appropriate time. mr. lucas is one of four people being investigated over allegations the bank made loans to qatar bought into the company at the height of
will prosecute. >> and it looks like markets are expecting the boj to buy on the london engine, but what about buying overseas? we've seen them indicate support for the esm or maybe looking at peripheral european sovereign debt which interestingly enough, europe is probably appreciative of the fact that someone is buying into the industry. but nevertheless, how aggressive might japan be about buying outside its shores in order to help weaken the yen? >> again, this is probably something that will get a clear picture after the -- will have his first meeting with the boj in march. i agree with you, there tends to be a more aggressive move towards european assets. having said so, i do not know if we will see drastic moves on interest rates overall. let's not forget on the debt side of the japan that most of the debt is in the hands of domestic investors that usually have less demand to increase interest rates for the environment suggest so. >> okay. marco -- >> so at the end of the day, i don't see increase of interest expense drastic for japan in the medium term. >> right, right. well, that's th
that. >>> a hero of 2012 london olympics, but today, blade runner oscar pistorius broke down in court when murder charges were read against him. he is accused of shooting this woman and killing her, model girlfriend reeva steenkamp at his home inpetoria. he has been in court today for a bail hearing. we have more. >> reporter: oscar pistorius makes his way to the court as he is charged with murder. he spent the day questioned by police, subjected to standard blood tests after a night spent in jail. it's an incredible fall from grace for a man dubbed the blade runner. born with a disability that left wimp without legs below the knees, oscar pistorius would overcome incredible odds to become the first double leg amputee to complete in the olympics. a stabbedout star of the london games last year. nike signed him, as did oakly and a british telecom, seen as a stellar example of perseverance. now all of that is in question. in the early morning hours, police responded to calls from pistorius' neighbors that mult he pelt shots were shot in his mansion. his new girlfriend, reeva steenkamp,
. >>> police quickly ended a dangerous situation outside london's buckingham palace today. a man who looked to be in his 50s, holding a large knife to his own throat, broke through a security cordon, this video shot by a tourist shows him getting agitated as police close in. he starts yelling and slashing the air with his knife. finally lunging at police officers. the officer fired his taser knocking the man to the ground where police handcuffed him. >>> tomorrow in manhattan, new york city will say good-bye to its three-time mayor ed koch, he died early friday of congestive heart failure. a who's who of politicians is expected to attend the funeral. bill clinton will speak. ed koch was 88 years old. the dow will start the trading day tomorrow for the first time in five years. that can be threatened by weak factory orders do out this week. the consumer credit report comes out thursday, along with earnings reports from sony, nextel sprint and aol. >>> the super bowl may go down as the strangest in history. the lights went out at the superdome, stopping the game for 35 minutes. players sprawl
quickly ended a danls situation outside of london's buckingham palace. he starts yesterdaying and slacking the air with his knife. the officer fired his taser. ray louis speaking to the media. >> never quitting and always believing in your dreams and your goals. there's no better reward as a father to win a ring on your last ride with my kids being by my sood side. my babies have rauls looked at me as staur. it's a great reward to go out 17 years of a journey. now i get to hug my baby ies fo the rest of my life and i went to say i was a beyondon. there's no better way to go out. >> that's ray lewis speaking. he had his children by his side. ter republican moore because you're mor of an expert than i on there. >> the deadly outcome at a nightclub here you say he's made a turn over. he's a change man. can you hear me in. tr rens moore are you there. as we said, ray louis involved in an altercation here. back in 2001, 2001 he was acquitted. satly someone died during that alt medication. there were other people who were imbray indicated in that as well. some people believe he paid the price ot
the extra calories could outweigh benefit. that will do it for "sgmd" from london. let us know what you think. now let's give it back to atlanta for a check of top stories in the cnn newsroom. >>> from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "cnn sunday morning. >> we will look around every corner, under every rock. >> l.a. police vow they will hunt him down. new developments in the bizarre case of this rogue excop. >> there is really no place to put the snow. >> cleaning up and digging out. the snow's finally stopped falling in the northeast. but get ready. another storm brewing right now. >>> and tonight's the big night, and it's all about the dudes. so where do the women fit in this all-male affair? good morning, everyone. i'm deborah feyrick in for randi kaye. two big stories we're following. on the west most, new details on a suspected cop killer in southern california. on the east coast, recovery efforts under way in the aftermath of the monster blizzard. first, police plan to go door-to-door when they resume their search for accused triple killer christopher dorner in the area
odd years ago when i thought i would try to have a drink during a scene. we were in london. we were like let's get into it, we're method, man. let's have some scotch. so we drank and the director was like what's wrong with you guys? you're terrible. so you can't do that. >> what advice would you give that denzel who is nominated for glory all those years ago, what would you tell that guy? >> what i'd tell that guy? relax. calm down. much more relaxed now. older and wiser. >> older, widewiser and one of best actors of our time. this year i believe the race for best actor is the strongest. and if not for daniel day's performance as our 16th president, denzel washington could very well be taking home the oscar for best actor this year. christine. >> i have two days left. i've seen argo and silver linings play book. i want to talk about peg's best picture. what must i see in the next two days so i can make a very, very insightful commentary on monday morning? >> well, here's the thing. first of all, i would just say lock yourself in your house for at least 48 hours and just have a movie
lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. >>> it happened to fast. it took the crowd outside london's buckingham palace by surprise today, but it quickly turned dangerous. a man who looked to be in his 50s holing a large knife to his own throat broke through a security cordon. this video shot by a tourist shows him getting agitated as police close in. he starts yelling and slashing the air with his knife. finally lunging at a police officer. you see the officer retreat and then firing his taser. that knocked the man to the ground where he was handcuffed. >>> pakistani teen activist is awake and talking after successful operations to repair her skull and boost her hearing. taliban gunmen tried to assassinate the 15-year-old in october because she had spoken out in favor of girls' education. she is recovering in a british hospital. >>> millions of people are on the run in war-torn syria. they lost their homes to shelling and bombs and now they are trying to restart their lives. cnn's frederik pleitgen has the latest from damascus. >> reporter: while the streets in central damascus are
. this is getting that. just amazing how the fixing can make that much money. it is a cartel in london. they smack of the 1-year ira and fix it hilo. on and on it goes. maybe you can interpret this for us. the super highway three in super low. tell us what this means. forty-one and 51. if she did that ever to come over there and make love to you. what is that means? >> i will leave the make love to you park to your imagination, but that 3m in the six means that three month libor rate. they are asking for it to be set at a rate which is different and disingenuous from what the real rate would be. gerri: which is illegal, my friend. >> it is illegal. absolutely. that is what we nail them for. this rate is set in a weird way, and i will describe it. i think i can describe it simply. they take 16 banks, the largest banks in the world. they take all 16 of them, the submissions from the top for good turnout and a love for out and then they take the medal. our bs was in the middle of the time, so they actually did faugh manipulate the rate because they were in the middle. like to say, it is against the l
those hundred million people want to get to know why, london, paris, rome, orlando, and las vegas, so there is a big problem. the other problem is in the new model at $100 a barrel while there is no into middle seat. as would typically be given away with rewards. those will be available the folks as well. gerri: we have to find some bright side. it's a tough story. thank you for coming on. great to see you. >> there will have some new aircraft and other things, so there are few bright sides. gerri: maybe it will serve hot food. your nose. picture coming out. >> thank you. gerri: be sure to tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. joined by the ceos of of to these companies. another big deal making is on wall street. warren buffett is buying catch up, all of it. his berkshire hathaway is teaming up with the brazilian backed investment firm to buy h.j. heinz demean of the company. the price tag of 28 billion come including debt. a 20% premium on the company's value the day before. his second biggest deal ever. earlier here he spoke to of liz claman on why he chosen a private equity partner
. the other thing, they could have london back from mexico. apparently the could have gone to mexico and avoided. then they didn't want to because of the cost. guess what, the bigger cost now. gerri: people are not happy. >> this is just a first lawsuit of many. gerri: thank you for coming on. you're going to come back. at the bottom of the hour, your verdict on a graduate student suing her alma maters for giving her bad grades. this student says it is costing her money, but is it legal? add up think so. that's just my view. also, we head to the crown jewel , new york fashion week. president obama calling for renaissance and manufacturing. what does it mean? of break it all down next. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everi'm with scottrade. me. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars f
a strong pickup for china's economy. that sent crude futures in london soaring near 1.5% to settle at a nine month high. all right, up next, it is the worst blizzard in decades, and it is swallowing the northeast whole. also, it's leaving one 5-year-old in florida bummed out that a certain news anchor is up in arms as well. the story coming up. online gambling coming up, aces in new jersey as governor christie ready to approve legislation, but will it juice the state's economy like supporters claim? one of the lawmakers behind it will join us. can you have too much "money" or snow apparently. ♪ did you know not all fiber is the same? citrucel is different- it's the only fiber for regularity that won't cause excess gas. it's gentle and clinically proven to help restore and maintain regularity. look for citrucel today. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son bro and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we mak radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit tha
, they made a single bet that blew up so big, they lost $6 billion. on this london whale trade. so these institutions are going out and being reckless again. they're going out and playing that they know the government will be there to back them up. david: david, one final point. anytime you hear somebody say tarp paid off its bets and aig is a perfect example, the way they, the way they did creative accounting with tax writeoffs, you write about this, aig in 2011 made $20 billion. what they don't say that 17.7 billion of money booked in as a profit was a tax writeoff from the financial crisis, right. >> that's right. all these institutions basically operated for years tax-free simply because they were able to book all the losses that they had, that they suffered as a result of making stupid decisions and stupid bets. they were able to write that off on their taxes. that is the double wham any -- whammy of this tarp program. you shore up companies. you lose money on the program. then the other side they book the losses as writeoffs and get you on the other side. david: david weidner
's higher by 84 -- there we go. it's lower by 61 for wti. brent at 116, n london, lower by 28 cents. the ten-year note. yielding 1.99%. a gain of .8 point. we may have to learn all that stuff if we go back to, you know, trading in fifths at the stock exchange. and then the yen at a 34-month low against the euro and also against the dollar. the head of the central bank has got to leave three weeks earlier than expected. that's leading to more expectations of faster and quantitative easing. gold at 16.69 per ounce. steve? >>> time for the global markets report. who better than kelly evans, standing by in london. kelly? >>> steve, good morning. i just want to pick up on what michelle said. she was talking about what's happening with the nikkei. all i want to show you today is basically forex. this base is driving so much of the return, so much of the trade across the globe. the dollar/yen, 93.66. flirting with the 94 level. we had jeffrey on from ubs saying this could go to 100 in the next couple of months' time. what is that doing for the nikkei? up 3.8% today. a lot of people saying if you th
times" book review. >>> the group of 30 convening in london earlier this morning. this is a group of former central bankers and leaders in financial worlds. key topics were the supply of long-term capital to support long-term investment. for more we're joined by lord adair turner, chairman of the financial services authority and a member of the group of 30. thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. or good afternoon just in london. >> yes, absolutely. good afternoon to you. we really want to talk about all the news that you have created in the last week, because you're talking about helicopter money. that we should remove the taboo of monetization, just a lot more printing, am i oversimplifying it? >> only slightly. i mean, the idea that governments and central banks should not finance deficits with money is one of the great taboos in economics. one of the interesting things about it is if you go back to what milton friedman wrote in 1948 or what henry simons, one of the founding fathers of the chicago school wrote in 1936, they believed that it was the obvious thing to do t
of events, london, milan, paris. maybe you can get a ticket to something like that. on sunday, yes, it is the super bowl of music. the grammy awards show sunday night, all five nominees for album of the year expected to perform including mumford and sons and fun. also kelly clarkson's stronger, and taylor swift's catchy tune, we are never, ever getting back together. >>> questions still linger about an attack on an embassy compound in benghazi. defense secretary leon panetta expected to testify in the coming weeks about the events that led to the deaths of u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others on september 11th last year. state of the union host candy crowley joins me to talk about this. candy, good morning. will we find out anything knew about what was done and if it could be prevented? >> interesting. in this interview we did talk about benghazi, some of the complaints at least as far as the military is concerned about benghazi has been why wasn't there a force that you could move in quickly, if this was a seven-hour exchange of some sort. why wasn't there some place to
, the piper at the gates of dawn and in it the band tried to capture the sound that made it famous in london's underground music scene. instrumental freakouts along with strange and colorful lyrics. essentially british pop dipped in lsd. while the group was laying down the album the beatles were working on sergeant pepper in the studio right next door and to this day the piper at the gates of down is still considered one of the best psychedelic albums of the '60s and pink floyd first took a trip to the studio 46 years ago today. i like the new theme music. now, you know the you news for this thursday, february 21, 2013. i'm shepard smith. back here tomorrow night for the fox report. and then the most powerful prime time in all of cable news begins with mr. bill o'reilly. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> there is a face missing inside of the people that she needs that can't be filled again. >> the blade run are accused of killing his south african model girlfriend may beat the rap. at least megyn kelly thinks so. shiell be here to
they had what a lot of people thought was a disaster with the london whale incident and they're right back. one of the most interesting things you say in the report we need to start looking at banks in a different way. look at them like companies like apple where you evaluate their products and what is demand manned like for them. what do you think that is the way to look at banks now. >> that is exactly right. if you were to talk about apple and didn't mention what they were doing in terms of selling iphones or ipads people would think you were nuts, right? >> if you look at banks and don't think what they're doing in making mortgage loans and auto loans and loans on consumer electronic products which is credit card loans. if you're not looking what they're doing lending money to the energy industry, into the medical care sector. into the heavy industrial sector, you're not getting what it is that they sell. so number one, what i expect to see in 2013 and beyond is increase in loans to all of those sectors. and, i agree with your prior guest who said that interest rates should go up. beca
for one of the most popular players to come back to italy. and he said, and the london economists know that that they could provide him with 300,000 or 400,000 votes. >> we don't know what's going to m happen, that's the scary thing. >> melissa, what's coming up today. >> disney, zinga and-europe will be the rally killer. that's also tonight at 5:00. >> here's what you missed earlier this morning. >> welcome to hour three of "squawk on the street." here's what's happening so far. >> you grow 7% a year, that means you double your money every 10 years, that means if the stock market is 1,400 now, it could be 28,000 in 10 years and 50,000 in 20 years. >> we're dealing in the virgin media deals, these are big deals and i think they put a floor on the market. >> 1365 in cash. >> $24.4 billion, 37% premium and the release, acquired by emichael dell. >> it's going to be months, whether it's four months, five months, i think they need anti- trust approval. this is going to take a while before it closes. >> the emerging market opens. >> we think that the public markets are not giving the compan
the future of kiwi raises concerns, markets in london, germany, spain down 1%. asia down as well. shanghai down 3%. jim, you got sequester, you got fed, you got gas prices are, like they all converged in a matter of a couple days. >> you feel the switch has flipped, things going well is going badly. i want to caution the weakness of the month-old fed meetings notes is they are a month old. they see what we see. they don't wake up and say ignore gasoline and forget the sequester around the idea the world is somehow better -- no it's not. i would point out that the sequester chat iris going to grow and grow and grow. so every time you pick the paper up from now on until it happens, it is going to take your breath away. what happens for some of these, military, they are not close the golf courses, a great link. i was looking at all the great golf courses the military has. 800,000 civilians furloughing, that means spending power reduced with the payroll tax holiday. the scare tactics are going to be in and you got to steel yourself if you're going to stay longer. >> you call it a scare tactic,
when you go through the tsa lines but when you go to london, amsterdam, paris, rome, you go through europe, you don't have to take off your shoes. why the discrepancy? >> of course, it all dates back to 2001 with the shoe bomber. there's a policy here in the u.s. as we expand the known and trusted travel population, we actually expect approximately 45 to 50 million people this year to be able to keep their shoes on as they go through security screening. we're working with the european union to have consistency and harmonization and we're working with manufacturers to make sure the best capabilities for shoes. there's a number of efforts that are ongoing to try to facilitate that. but the best way people can have the highest assurance to be able to keep their shoes on is to sign up for the custom borders global entry program. you submit an application online. you go in for an interview. $100 for five years or $20 a year. it's a good bargain that the u.s. government still offers. it's something that we encourage anybody who flies with any frequency, whether domestically or clearly int
and bersani cast their votes. we'll have coverage on that as soon as the polls close, 1500 c.e.t. london time. >>> nicholas anastasia swept to an election victory on sunday. he pledged to work with the country's eu partner toes secure a swift rescue package, insisting that the new government would prepare such an image around the world. >>> and a slowdown in chinese exports has been pulling back on the economy. it posted a fourth consecutive month of expansion. china's hsbc flash pmi index for february slipped to 50.4, the lowest reading in four months and down from a two-year high in january of 52.3. no one is hitting the panic button just yet. >> while the flash pmi slipped from a two-year high in yarn, it tells us china's economic recovery is intact. 6.4 is considered that the week long lunar new year holiday fell in february of this year. look back at lunar new year last year and you can see some of the distortion effect it fell in january 2012. what may be worry background this month's flash pmi is the new export orders subindex. it inched down to contraction territory, add to go existin
in london. is this the same drone that the united states said was returned to the united states? >> it looks like the same one. the iranians say it was flying 140 miles into their airspace off their northeastern corner, close to the border with afghanistan. the iranians are saying this aircraft was flying from the kandahar airfield base inside afghanistan, and some of the footage, and i looked at it, some of it could be kandahar air base but there's no guarantee this video came from the aircraft in question here. did they get this video from somewhere els? it's not clear. there's no way to verify at the moment what the iranians are saying. the spokesman that the iranians are putting forward says that the aircraft was sent to california several times in 2010 for repair and used for operations inside pakistan. >> translator: this aircraft has had many flights in countries around iran, operations that have taken place in pakistan. this aircraft provided guidance. >> again, no indications that we have that they have the real video from this drone. they may do, but we can't know that for sure at
resource at times like this, eric, thank you for joining us. >> we'll head over to london, and we have nic robertson. we're simply shocked by this. the statement from the pope that he is resigning on february 28th because of his declining health. what can you tell us about that? >> he is saying he needs to be in a good physical state and good mental state and recognized he's not really up to the task at the moment. which throws open the question, we have seen many popes, john paul in particular most recently, go through his final years as pope, in quite physical decrepekr decrepitude. is it mental frailty leading him to make this decision other than physical dpralifrailty? we'll be looking to see what they will see shortly that may throw or shed a little more light on the nature of this decision. is it really a matter of physical health or mental health? this comes as a huge shock, but the church is well versed in how to move to the next step. time to prepare the 28th of february for the 120 cardinal who's are all under the age of 80 years who will be allowed to make the decision on who th
. they have done dances with the lse, the london stock exchange. done dances with trying to go after the new york stock exchange in a hostile bid. that was shot down by regulate, to. now they're kind of out there alone. we know the new york stock exchange just teamed up with the intercontinental exchange. that's a big player. now it is clear that nasdaq has to do something. one of those somethings we were first to report earlier today was that nasdaq held what was described to us preliminary deal talks with the carlyle group, the big private equity firm essentially take nasdaq private. we report those talks broke down. what we got from some people involved in the deal that there was a disagreement over price. there was due diligence done but there was disagreement over price. i will tell you this. i have a sneaking suspicion what is much more than price. what i know about bob griefeld, the ceo of the nasdaq. he is very good manager. he is an amazing cost cutter but he wants to run whatever iteration nasdaq finds itself in future. when you go private this is different than a dell deal. this d
understand why you would get rid of a sport that had 26 different countries and metals in london last year in wrestling. why would you take it out of the olympics? >> i feel so bad for wrestlers. i would argue that sports builds more character, more self-esteem and finer citizen than any other sports because it is 24 hours, watch what you eat, train, be focused, a lonely sport to a degree and you can be in any shape or size and compete in the highest level and the expectations for through the roof and if they're going to overturn this and there's another vote in september as much as i love wrestlers like kerri mccoy, they have got to get the celebrities that were once wrestlers liked donald rumsfeld and robin williams and john irving great offer, kevin james, people like dennis pastor, the speaker, you get these people from the political world and show business world to talk about what it has done, champions that had their life formed by this sport which has taken such a beating at the college level because of title ix, you got to turn this back. iraq loves it, bulgaria loves it, russell o
hours before members of parliament in london today. in the past, he's promised quite exotic ideas of central banking, targeting nominal gdp. in daf ovos he was suggesting t moving forward he would bring ip fla inflation gradually to where it's supposed to be. but he was playing very much by the book to keep confidence in the boe and saying, look, let's just stick with what we know for now and talk about it. >> flexible inflation targeting, in my opinion, is the most successful monetary framework that has been in existence. so the bar for change to that framework, the overall framework, is very high. but i would note that there seems to be an appetite for some debate. >> from london, let's move to fram frankfurt, where it was the return of mario draghi at the european central bank, to hold his monthly news conference. there was some discussion at the beginning as to whether he was pushing back his expectations as to whether you might get the rebounding growth in europe from the second half of the year to sometime next year. i guess the big news is that he refused to take up the cha
is headed next. >> got it. before we fly to london to complete the narrative on dick fuld, it was a jet blue flight from florida to new york. they were giving him a hard time saying hit drivers was teaching him how to use the jet blue ticket counter. that part of the story can't be true because he's been taking jet blue for years. they have a place down in jupiter and -- >> whoa, whoa, the new york post is saying something that's not completely true? >> no. i'm sure he was on jet blue, but -- >> but they're spinning the article in a way that might not be accurate? the new york post without maybe attribution and sources and everything else? >> no comment. >> time for the global markets report. kelly evans is standing by in london. good morning to you, kelly. >> andrew, good morning. now, jet blue doesn't, but i can tell you there's not a lot of positive news to come out of europe this morning. if you guys want to look at why futures are pointed lower today, wall street has a lot to do with the activity you're seeing behind me. there's only about a dozen companies that are in the green this mo
to reprivatize rbc. speaking in london, he's delivered a damning verdict on the handling of the bank. >>> and hsbc takes a turn in the hot seat appearing before the u.k. parliamentary commission on banking standards. hsbc's ceo, stuart gulliver and chairman douglas flint, giving comments as we speak. a couple of comments on the wire from them. flint i believe was saying that he supports the electrified fence that we heard george osborne unveil earlier that would effectively separate retail and investment banking for those banks that don't comply with the law. as we get other comments through from this as we have in previous days, we will bring you comments from that hearing. now earlier we asked you, yes, what monopoly token would you kick out. monopoly in the middle of updating its playing pieces. joann from michigan tweeted that she'd retire the beat-up old shoe and replace it with a louse vuitt vuitton. and another tweet, he'd give the shoe the boot. john, though, would rather get rid of the iron. he reiterates it's a great game. >> the iron? no, no, no. no, no, no, no. it stays.
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